Posted by: yogavet | February 9, 2012


Life is kind of hard right now.  This whole start-a-business-from-scratch thing is not easy.  Money’s tight, and the stress level is high.  Our families have been amazing at helping us out, keeping a roof over our heads and food in our bellies.  Being a fairly independent (and, okay, I’ll admit it, *occasionally* stubborn) person by nature, relying on other people can sometimes make me… grumpy?  Anxious?  Claustrophobic?  So I’m trying my best to relax into it, accept the blessings and support I’m being given, and let each day come as it will.

So, I got to thinking about blessings.  “Count your blessings” is a old adage popular with motherly types everywhere, but I really think it’s a good thing to do.  Not just in an abstract way, off-handedly thinking “wow, I’m really blessed”, but actually number them.  Consider them individually.

Here are my blessings:

1.  My family.  I come from a group of absolutely crazy people, who love me without question.  My extended family is wild and wonderful.  My mother and sister are some of the most amazing (and funny) women I know.  My father works his butt off (to put said roof over heads and food in bellies).  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins too numerous to count… I’m blessed.

2.  My nephew.  I consider him separately from the rest of the family, because hey, he’s the newest and also the cutest.  This kid is so amazing.  I could stare at him all day.  Love.

3.  My boyfriend.  Life partner?  Hehe.  My rock in this crazy storm.  He can make me laugh, he lets me cry when I need to (hey, everybody needs to sometimes), he tells me what I need to hear even when I don’t want to hear it.  He’s awesome.

4.  My home.  Okay, even if it’s temporary… I’m currently living on the edge of a beautiful lake, surrounded by state forest.  Yes, the house is small for the 4 people (and 2 dogs and 2 cats!) who are currently smooshed in here.  But if it feels claustrophobic, I can always look at that huge sky, and it feels less so.

5.  My career.  I am literally doing exactly what I wanted to do when I was a little girl.  Sometimes, when I’m covered in blood and/or manure and/or lube, or mucking around in the cold mud, that little bit of knowledge still makes me smile.  I get to travel around, see the country-side, and meet horses and horse-people every day.  I help horses live a more comfortable and healthy life.  It’s pretty amazing, when I actually sit down and think about it.

6.  My cats.  These guys can always make me smile.  The other day, I found Fitz climbed up on a bookshelf, gnawing on a mounted fish on the wall.  Seriously, how can you not just laugh?

7.  My health.  I’m overall pretty healthy.  My body’s strong.  I might sometimes wish for a few less pounds, or a small jeans size, or whatever, but when it comes right down to it, I can’t complain.  This body serves me well, and it’s strong enough to stand up to the physical abuse my career and hobbies damand of it.  Which is saying something!

8.  My faith.  Like anything, my faith is a work in progress.  The more I study, the more I discover that my faith is a lot less about rigid rules, and more about just goodness and love.  In the words of Glennon from Momastery, “I only know two things to be true: (1) I am God’s beloved child. (2) So is everyone else.”

9. Yoga.  I’ve been “off the wagon” for a bit now, and not practicing routinely, mostly because I’ve been working out at a gym with a routine set out by a trainer (which I still manage to yoga-fy by busting out a Tree pose on a Bosu ball now and then…), but in general, yoga has taught me so many things… How to “stay” when the situation gets hard.  How to put aside discomfort.  How to clear my mind and disregard distractions.  All kind of helpful when, say, you’re practically standing on your head trying to sew up a laceration in freezing cold conditions!

10.  My friends.  I’m not the easiest person to be friends with.  I don’t call as often as I should, my career distracts me and I forget birthdays… But somehow, I’ve managed to keep some amazing people in my life.  Friends who don’t mind a late-night text message asking “omg what is going on with this DOG???”.  Friends who, at the drop of a hat, when my scatter-brain remembers to call them and tell them “Oh yeah, I’m going to be travelling across the country in like 3 days, do you have time to hang out?”, rearrange their schedule so we can visit.  I’m not sure why they put up with me  🙂  But I’m pretty glad they do.

Okay, that’s a good list.  10 big blessings to be thankful for.  I’m a lucky girl.  🙂



  1. As I am indeed lucky to count you among my friends, and, as a colleague! Blessings!

    • Ditto, Heidi!

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