Posted by: yogavet | May 11, 2011

Federal hopscotch

Oh, government agencies, how I love thee. 

Jumping through lots of hoops on our way to getting this business off the ground.  The first hurdle:  Getting our tax ID number.   We got the paperwork in for our LLP last week, and had been checking with our accountant’s office daily to find out this very vital number.  No tax ID number means no business bank account, no loan money, no financing of any kind.  Turns out, the website that provides these numbers has been down for the past 7 days or so.  There is apparently no other way to get these numbers (talk to a real person?  what??).  Fun times!  So, we finally got our number yesterday.  We cracked a bottle of “champagne” (sparkling white wine from Casa Larga, a local winery) to celebrate the officialness of our business.  🙂

Another fun little nuance of the government: DEA registration numbers (which allow us to prescribe controlled substances, a fairly important thing for an equine vet) are only good for one state at a time.  This means that our little idea of having a practice on the border of CT and RI, and serving both states, will not only require us to be licensed in both states, and pay the extra fee in each state to HOLD a DEA registration number, but we will also have to have a separate DEA number for each state.  If this doesn’t seem supremely silly to you, please keep in mind that the DEA is a federal organization.  It’s okay, we didn’t need that extra $1,100 anyway… 

In other news, we are planning on trading in my little VW tonight for a practice vehicle.  Gas prices as they are, we’re probably the only people on the planet who are trading in a nice little fuel-efficient car for a gas-guzzling SUV.  Oh well.  I’ll miss the VW, it’s been good to me, it’s super fun to drive and I’ve never owned a different brand of car.  But it’s time. 

Time to get moving on this beautiful morning, get to work and vaccinate some horses.  And send in the paperwork for my CT license, and….


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