Posted by: yogavet | May 8, 2011

An announcement

Well, I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for an extended period, yet again.  And yet again, I’m claiming to have a good excuse.   😛  But this time, I mean it.  You see, every spare minute this winter and early spring has been dedicated to working on a business plan… for a new veterinary practice! 

Yes, that’s right.  Matt and I have taken the first big steps towards becoming small business owners.  The business plan is written, the partnership is being formed.  The logo and the website are in progress.  We are now (or will be, once the papers go through), “Twin Pines Equine Veterinary Services, LLP”.  Twin Pines Equine for short.  Or just TPE, which is how we’ve abbreviated it on every “To Do” list littering our house. 

Our (in progress) logo:

We plan to open for business August 1st, in SE Connecticut and Rhode Island.  It’s exciting, terrifying and completely overwhelming.  But it’s happening, and that’s more than I could say a few months ago. 

Why oh why would we do this to ourselves?  Ah, the funny little nuances of life.  Veterinarians are an odd bunch, and we tend to be drawn to our own kind.  Thus, veterinarians tend to date/fall in love with/marry other veterinarians.  It kind of makes sense; we work like crazy, so our social network is usually limited to people in the same field.  Also, who else but another veterinarian would want to talk about that cool abscess you ruptured today during dinner? 

Anyway, Matt and I found ourselves as two equine veterinarians in a relationship, looking for jobs in the same location.  Against all odds, we found them last year, in Western NY.  It turned out to be too good to be true, unfortunately.  Matt’s position at the racetrack was not to last, for many reasons.  So, the search continued.  Turns out, there really aren’t two good jobs for equine vets in the same area.  What to do?  Create them, that’s what. 

So, back home I go.  Back to the little state of Connecticut, where it all started.  Where I grew up as the daughter of another small business owner, who tried as he might to teach me something of the world of business, even though I continually resisted (But thanks, Dad, for trying – I think some of it may have stuck!).  Back to little towns, and Pony Clubs, and horses tucked into backyards all over the place.  To become settled, and established, like real adults.  And hopefully do something of value. 

And if I can spend a little time kayaking some flat water, that’ll be okay too. 



  1. Welcome home! Be sure to announce it on the NYUC region Facebook page. Lots of people remember you. And the very best of luck!!

    • Thanks Geoff! I definitely will post it on NYUC page once we have a website up and running 🙂

  2. LIKE!!

    • hehe, thanks Heidi!

  3. Ashley & Matt, Congratulations on your new adventure; we are so excited for you and looking forward to some paddles on the pond! Terry & Ward

    • Thanks Terry and Ward! We’re excited, too!

  4. Yeah!! I can’t wait to pass out your cards to all the horse farms I go by on my travels!!

    • Have patience, Mom! We’re just now figuring out phone numbers….

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