Posted by: yogavet | January 18, 2011

Sunshine on my shoulders

Okay, I’ll go back to Florida now. 

Dropped off the face of the earth again, but this time it was for a good reason.  I took some time off and travelled around a bit, visiting with family.  One of the nice things about being in my crazy little family is that 89% of my extended family lives someplace warm.  Specifically, most live in about a 20 mile radius around Port St. Lucie, Florida.  This is not where we are “from”, mind you.  My grandparents (both sets) moved there ages ago, and most of my aunts and uncles followed them down gradually.  So now I have a good excuse to enjoy warm weather in the middle of January… and of course get a dose of my grandma’s famous spaghetti.  Mmmm. 

But, now back to reality.  Back to work in the cold, frozen tundra.  I had a nice welcome back present of the truck refusing to start on Monday morning.  Of course, I can’t blame it.  It’s an old diesel that has trouble starting on a good day, and it was… -1 degrees.  Farenheit.  Not a happy truck!  I loaded up Matt’s Jeep and took it to my appointments.  Fortunately it warmed up enough today (up to 44!  Heat wave!) that we were able to get it started, and I drove it back to the clinic where it will live for the rest of the winter.  Boo.  This makes being on call extra adventurous, since I’ll have to drive to the clinic to pick up the vehicle if I get an emergency call.   Ah, well. 

In other news, we are now in the possession of one lovely little space heater, which is currently warming my toes as I type.  Much love to the space heater, and the boy who picked it up today… I guess he was tired of watching me huddle under 3 blankets while wearing a scarf and mittens.  Okay, I’m kidding about the mittens…

Time to cook some dinner and hunker down for the next cold snap… it’s supposed to get down to the single digits again this week.  How many weeks until spring?  😛



  1. Yeah for space heaters!!

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