Posted by: yogavet | October 13, 2010


My evenings are predictable and mundane, and I like them that way.   Unless I’m on call, and then they can be exciting and insane.  Which is okay, too. 

But mostly, I find comfort in the predictable.   Cooking dinner with Matt; likely, some hunk of meat defrosted during the day, paired with a starch of some sort (rice, potatoes or bread) and a green salad or other veggie.  Sipping a beer or glass of wine as we eat, and catch up on our days.  Then dishes, setting up coffee for the next morning.  A few hours may remain, and we can watch a movie, or play guitar, or just sit and read or listen to the radio.  Watching the kittens tear around the house like maniacs until they calm down enough to cuddle

Right now, I’m listening to the radio (100.5 The Drive, the best radio station in the Rochester area in my humble little opinion….) and watching the kittens be crazy.  It’s a good little life.


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