Posted by: yogavet | October 1, 2010

For the love of teeth…

Just a quick note to say happy Friday AND happy first day of October! 

I am not on call this weekend (happy day!) which means it is a real weekend.  I have plans to check out a local beer festival as well as do some hiking with the boy.  There will probably also be some baking of sourdough bread (I just made a new starter, it doesn’t seem as sour as the last one, so we’ll see!), and definitely a trip to the farmer’s market.  All good weekend activities. 

But for now I must be off for my day of dentistry.  Gotta love fall, it seems every horse out there needs their teeth floated…. it’s okay, I kinda like horse teeth. 

But not ’till I finish my coffee…



  1. This picture of you is awesome!! Did Matt take it?

    • yep! On our road trip through Big Sur. That’s our rental convertable, and the Pacific Ocean in the background. 🙂 He’s a pretty good photographer…

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