Posted by: yogavet | September 26, 2010

Yoga with Cats

My sister sent me a card a few years ago, just to say hi.  It was a cartoon of a yoga class, with cats milling around, sitting on people, and doing poses.  Under the picture was the title “Yoga with Cats”.  She thought it was cute, I thought so to.

Now, I’m living it…

I set up the camera yesterday, partially out of boredom and partially to check my posture in some poses.  Alright, mostly out of boredom.  I couldn’t do any inversions without a cat at my head or foot.   My favorite was child pose… Smitty jumped up to the small of my back and just snuggled in.  I came up to cat pose (of course!) and he hung out in the curve of my back, just purring.  I wish I had pictures of that, but alas… 

I finally did some standing poses and he decided I wasn’t so interesting. 

Please excuse the bad lighting.  My photographer was on vacation…

This weekend has been cool and cloudy, perfect for sitting at home reading and snuggling with kittens.  I just flew through “Love by the Glass – Tasting Notes from a Marriage”, by Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, the authors of the Wall Street Journal’s “Tastings” column.  The column ended last December, which is sad for me since I just discovered it… tear.  It’s basically a memoir of their life together, the wines they drank and the stories that went with them.  Great, great book, although it makes me want to spend all my free time drinking wine, building a wine cellar and going to Napa.  Sigh. 

I was a slacker last weekend, so here’s a little recap.  Matt and I had Sunday off together (a rarity!  simultaneous days off! ) so we drove down to Naples to go hiking at Hi Tor, a wildlife conservation area.  It was another gray, gloomy day, but we didn’t care.  It was some serious hiking, the kind we didn’t really see in Virginia.  And we were rewarded at the top with some awesome views:

Matt starting tossing rocks off this ledge, just to hear how long it took them to hit bottom.  It was an impressively long time.  Then the game evolved to trying to get the rock to land in the little pool beneath the waterfall:

It was a LONG way down.  He made it.  Twice.   I dubbed it “Wilderness Washers”, Matt said we need to come back with a six pack (and friends?) and play it all afternoon.  

After we were done hiking in the wild, we drove down the eastern side of Keuka lake, got a bite to eat at Lakeside Restaurant, and then went wine tasting on the southern edge of Keuka.  We tasted at Dr. Konstantin Frank’s Winery, which was the first in NY to use non-native vines (he had to graft them on to native root-stock, which is now standard in this part of the country).  We weren’t terribly impressed, but what we tasted was okay.  Mostly it was just too commercial for us.  Then we went on to Heron Lake, which Matt wasn’t sure we would like, but we were in the area.   It turned out to be a bit better than Dr. Frank’s, probably mostly because of the old man pouring our wines.  He was honest – he told us which wines he liked, which ones he thought we wouldn’t, and gave us extra tastings of the good ones. 

After Heron Lake, we passed a very nondescript looking winery called Keuka Lake Vineyards.   We almost passed it by, but we swung in just to see.  It was awesome.  We tasted 3 dry Reislings that blew us away – a 2008 from their Evergreen Lek Vineyard, a 2009 from their Goldman Vineyard, and a 2008 from their Falling Man Vineyard.  (The first two were our favorites, and we bought a bottle of each.)  They also did a Cabernet Franc which was delicious, we sampled and bought the 2009. 

While we were at Keuka Lake Vineyards, a couple came in and started complaining a bit about a brewery where they had just tasted.  “They made all these dark, bitter beers,” the man complained.  “It was not at all like what you could buy in a supermarket.  We like commercial beers, you know?”  (This little diatribe went on while the woman perused the list and commented that she only liked sweet wines, and lamented that the only Reislings on the list were dry.  We began to feel very sorry for them and their sad, narrow palates…)  Our ears had pricked at the words “dark, bitter beers”, and we asked where this brewery was.  They gave us directions, and we found ourselves at Keuka Brewery, where they sell beer by the liter or gallon, and the Harvest Ale was made with the freshest hops around.  It was good.  Not great, not amazing, but good.  The perfect end to a great day. 

Next weekend is the Honeoye Falls Beer Fest, so more tasting to come.  Maybe I can land a job writing about adventures in beer and wine tasting.  You never know…



  1. Ash, I love the yoga poses! Keep up the good work. I barely remember that card… I think I need to send another so you have something else to start your blog off with that refers to your dear little sister.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your NY life. Since I can’t visit you as often the blog will have to suffice. MUAH!

  2. I love your pictures!! Very cute… too bad you didn’t get that cute little kitten on your back!! I hope Matt enjoyed his time off!! Keep on working on your blog we all love it!! Love you

  3. Love the blog too, Ash! But you should go to Sonoma Valley too, you know…

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