Posted by: yogavet | September 6, 2010

Goodbye summer

Welcome fall!  Eer, I mean, happy Labor Day…  I don’t know if it’s usually this brisk in western NY by the time September hits, but it sure feels like fall.  So I’m not fighting it – I’ve bought mums, I’m breaking out the sweatshirts and the slippers, and spent yesterday sipping on Oolong tea.  I’m trying to keep in mind that fall is my favorite season, and not be scared of all the SNOW that it heralds in the not-so-distant future. 

The big news around here is KITTENS… I came to work a few weeks ago to a smattering of cat food on the floor of the office.   A half hour later we found two 8 week old kittens locked in the barn.  I immediately started snuggling them, and my boss walked in and remarked, “oh, I see they found a home!”  They had been dropped off at our doorstep overnight, she had brought them in for a snack and then stuck them in the barn while she was out riding.  I, of course, immediately started to fall in love with them.  So, Matt got a slightly pleading phone call on his day off (to the tune of, “can we keep them, can we keep them??? ).  And eventually he agreed  🙂 

How could he say no?   Hehe.  So, they got de-flea’d, and made the long trip home in their new cat carrier, and have spent their days since exploring the house, and peeing in as many inappropriate places as possible.  Sigh.  But they’re real cute! 

“We’re sorry we peed on the couch… we won’t do it again…” 

Anybody want two kittens?    Kidding… sort of…

In other news, plans for the day include cleaning, canning peaches and possibly tomatoes, and maybe baking.  I am on call, however, which could put an end to any and all plans.  There will definitely be more Oolong tea.  Loose leaf Iron Goddess Oolong tea, to be exact.  Love love love.  And possibly, once breakfast is digested, there should be some yoga.  In the sweatshirt.  And with kittens locked up. 

Have a great unofficial last day of summer!

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