Posted by: yogavet | August 13, 2010

The big move, and wedding month!

I feel as if this blog is a neglected pet.  Perhaps an iguana, or turtle.  I forget to pay signficant attention for long periods of time, but it’s always at that back of my mind.  And then every few months I get a burst of energy and decide it’s TIME.  Okay, I need to be better about that. 

A bunch has gone on, as things usually do.  “Let me explain.  No, there is too much… let me sum up.”  (A cookie to anyone who recognizes that quote).

The internship ended in June.  There was much crying, gnashing of teeth and rejoicing, depending on who you were.  But for us it was sad to say goodbye to dear friends, scary to set out into the world unknown, and exciting to not be INTERNS anymore.  Our colleagues never treated us like “interns” but I still feel it’s a slightly derogatory term, and many clients do not let you forget that you are an underling.  So after two years, it felt good to shake that label. 

We stuck everything in storage.  Everything we didn’t toss, donate or give away.  And then we flew out to California to celebrate the wedding of a close friend of mine.  The wedding was gorgeous, Rachael was stunning, and we had a blast.  Obviously. 

We’re strange.  It’s okay. 

So, not to pass up the opportunity for some exploring, we decided to rent a convertable and drive up the coast of California for the next few days after the wedding.  San Diego to San Fran up the Pacific Coast Highway, through Big Sur, the whole nine yards.  It was beautiful.  And cold, but we didn’t care. 

So, vacations do end eventually and at the end of the week we found ourselves on a red-eye flight back to VA.  As soon as we arrived back on the east coast, we had to move everything we’d packed into our storage until onto a BIG van, and hit the road north.  Not one of our finest hours, but we got it done with the help of Matt’s dad and sister.  We arrived at our new house, in our new town, on July 10th and we’ve been settling in pretty well. 

By the end of July I hit the road again to attend another wedding of a dear friend.  Matt couldn’t come this time, his job requires him to work Saturdays and as the newest vet in the practice, he doesn’t have the option of requesting them off.  But I went down to Palisades to celebrate the marraige of Alison and Nathan… another gorgeous wedding, stunning bride and all-around great time  🙂 

And this weekend I’m off to yet ANOTHER wedding of a very close friend (what is going on with the universe??)  This one is in CT, so I’m taking the opportunity to also visit my favorite spot on Earth, Beach Pond. 

Suffice it to say this place in my reset button.  Tomorrow morning will find me kayaking some flat water  🙂 

But first I have to pack some clothes, drop the truck off at work, and then drive 7 hours.  Gosh NY is a big state…


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