Posted by: yogavet | April 27, 2010


Whew.  It’s been a little while, but I have a good excuse. 

I went home for Easter, which was lovely.  There was lots of cuddling with pups, sitting on the couch drinking coffee and teasing my dad and my sister (always easy targets), and walking in the woods.  

Oh, and I cut my hair  🙂 

So, I came back to VA on Easter Sunday, had a relaxing evening, got ready for another rotation through the crazy hospital.  Back to work on Monday, my life resumed its regular craziness.  Monday night, my personal life decided to add to the insanity when my boyfriend (and coworker, which adds its own fun stresses) obliterated his ankle playing indoor soccor…   I made it to that game, the first indoor game I’d been able to come to.  I watched about 15 minutes of play before he fell.  I didn’t suspect anything was wrong at first; Matt plays hard, and it’s not unusual for him to end up on the ground.  When he didn’t get up right away, I got a little worried.  When he turned over and I could read the pain on his face, I knew it was bad.  Before I knew it, I was out on the field (much to his embarrassment… hehe) and then we were off to the emergency room. 

The rest of that week is a blur.  Whenever we weren’t in the hospital for Matt’s leg, I was at the clinic attending to emergencies of the equine sort.  I calculated on friday that I had slept 18 hours for the four nights prior, combined. 

Once the boy’s condition stablized (surgery was required, and a lot of metal was placed…), I was able to focus more attention on work, and it has demanded it.  We have had nearly nightly emergencies.  I don’t remember last spring being this busy for so many weeks straight.  This past Saturday, we had 6 cases in 24 hours, including a colic surgery and a dystocia/fetotomy at the same time.  Just ridiculous. 

My birthday came and went.  Matt got me a temperpedic pillow  🙂  My mom and sister bought me a whole bunch of Lulumon yoga gear, which is very exciting.  Although with the amount of time I have to do yoga, it’s kind of a tease.   Need to FIND the time, right?  Carve it out or it’s gone…

Sorry this is a bit of a boring post, I’ve been meaning to update but haven’t had the energy.  Here’s hoping the hospital slows down and I’ll have more time to update this thing. 

‘Til then…

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