Posted by: yogavet | April 2, 2010

Good Friday

This day always confuses me a little.  You’re supposed to be sad, and happy.  Jesus dies on the cross… mourn for him, be humble of the sacrifice made, but rejoice that it was made.  And of course we all know what comes next… 3 days, Easter, the resurrection, etc.  Too many mixed emotions.  The whole of the Christian faith, wrapped up in this one day.  It’s a little overwhelming. 

Anyway, my spiritual musings aside, it is also a “good” Friday, because I have taken a vacation day and am therefore not at work!  I’ve scheduled a hair appointment and pedicure (woo!  I’ll be like a whole new woman!).  It’s not often that I spend any time on “girly” stuff, most of my life is spent in dirty khakies or Carhart overalls and polo shirts or scrubs.  I’m lucky if I put some lotion on my dry, cracked hands.  (Nice, I know.)  So today will be a day for that. 

We had a rough day at work yesterday… two of our young sickies had to be put down.  Wesley developed necrotizing enterocolitis, likely a complication from his rough start and compromized immune system.  There’s not much to do about that, and even if you try hard to keep these guys alive, they invariably die.  So we put him down.  And the youngest of the minis from the herd outbreak had come back last week, and was not doing well.  He finally began having neurologic signs, and we put him down as well. 

It’s hard when you spend so much time and energy on these cases, only to lose them in the end.  There weren’t many dry eyes at the end of the day yesterday. 

But, we move on, and get ready for the next case.  The day it doesn’t hurt anymore is the day we need to find other professions.  The pain makes it personal, it tells us that we’re still doing this for the right reasons. 

Time to kill some wasps (yes, still), take a shower and get ready for my busy day of “vacation”.  Here goes nothin’


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