Posted by: yogavet | March 30, 2010

and, breathe.

Happy day off to me!   

Once a month, after I pull a primary on-call weekend for the ambulatory service, I am rewarded with the next Tuesday off.  It is a glorious thing.  Usually, I have Tuesday night on call, so it’s just 8am-4pm off, really, but it’s a time to get things DONE around the house and in my life… laundry, bank, baking, cleaning, etc.  But this month I traded on call with another vet and now have tonight off too!  It’s the little things, really. 

This week, foals have been running our lives.  Sick foals and healthy foals.  Even the healthy ones are apt to wake you up in the middle of the night.  Generally, that’s when they’re born.  And if they aren’t born then, you still have to wake up and pull blood from them in the middle of the night to make sure they got enough colostrum.  😛  Silly foals.

Here’s one of my favorite foals born at the clinic this year:


She’s pretty stinkin’ cute, and so chill!  I took this whole photo shoot with her when she was a day old, and she didn’t flinch. 

This is the flip side to foaling season… the sickies: 


This is Wesley (as in The Dread Pirate Roberts… yeah we often name the sickies.  You spend so much time with them, they need to have names).   He was born 10 days early, in a mud puddle, during a thunderstorm, and given up for dead by his mom.  The mare is not producing any milk, and clearly thinks he is not her child.  He’s a classic “dummy foal”, which is  a syndrome usually thought to be caused by oxygen deprivation during birth.  Fortunately, horses aren’t that dependent on their cerebrums (unlike humans) so they can overcome this sort of thing, but they need very intensive care to survive until their instincts kick in.  Wesley is content to lay on his mat, be covered with blankets and fed through a tube until he figures out this whole “life” thing.  He requires 24hour nursing care, including a “foal sitter”, or someone to hang out with him and make sure he doesn’t fall off his mat, throw off his blankets, etc.    So that’s been fun. 

That girl in the picture is a fourth year vet student who spent a month with us as part of her clinical education.  She kept insisting she wanted to work on a “really sick foal”.  Wesley came in on her last day.  Be careful what you wish for!

Anyway, the plan for my day off includes: post office to mail a book sold on (yay for selling old textbooks for cash!), calling Felix’s vet to discuss his recent relapse of stomatitis (boo…), and then cleaning this disaster of a house.  Yoga was on the list until I woke up with a massive pulled muscle in my back (likely from trying to lift above mentioned floppy foal… ), so I think I’ll stick with some very gentle poses at the house instead of trying to keep up with a class. 

And breathing.   Lots of it. 


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