Posted by: yogavet | December 13, 2009

up way too early!

Aaah, what do you do after you drive someone to the airport for a 5:45am flight? I thought I’d be all set to snuggle back in bed with my kitty and sleep for the next 4 hours, but I’m too awake for that. So, Felix and I are snuggling on the couch with some holiday tunes and a mug of coffee with eggnog and cinnamon (my newest creation… pretty delish). A nap may be in my future, but I think I’ll spend a little time with the internet first. The internet never sleeps! Wee!

Susan Boyle has a song on the satellite christmas station… not too shabby! She impresses me, makes me think that maybe once I’m all done being a vet I can record some classical music and make some actual money. Hey, a girl can dream.

I’ve started to brainstorm things I can do next year in addition to vet medicine, in case the market is sufficiently down that a full time equine job is nowhere to be found. Now, the options for work within vet medicine are fairly broad, but my problem is that I’m really not interested in much except large animal medicine. I have no training for research (except a short stint in a molecular biology lab splicing DNA…) and I think I would muck stalls before I turned to small animal medicine (sorry to my SA colleagues, I just can’t do it). So, what’s a girl to do in an economy that has made her favorite species a little to expensive for most? I think I’ll try bartending 🙂 I’m actually serious, I think I’d be pretty good at it, I know my beers and I’m decent at mixing drinks. After all these years of memorizing every animal disease known to man, I think memorizing a bunch of drink recipes should be no sweat. And if I end up doing part time equine, I can bartend on the side. Even if I land a full time job, it wouldn’t be bad to do a few nights a week when I’m not on call, to make some extra money. Equine jobs starting out don’t exactly pay the bills as far as my loans are concerned, unfortunately.

Is it a little sad that I’m a doctor and I’m considering mucking stalls and tending bars to make ends meet? Eh, such is life.

Anyways, enough speculation about next year. I should probably spend some time APPLYING to actual equine jobs before I spend any time researching bartender certification, hmm?

So the boy is gone for the next 6 days ::sniff::, but I plan on being very productive while I have the house to myself. On the docket for today: serious laundry, and grocery shopping (need to stock up on black beans, tortillas and other staples from my days of living alone… sometimes you have to revert to what works). Other than that? Christmas shopping! Muahaha!


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