Posted by: yogavet | October 15, 2009

Crazy week!

Whew… I’m on call this weekend, and if things keep up the way they have been, it’s gonna be insane. 

So far this week I have seen one chronic laminitis who is likely suffering from Cushing’s disease (a metabolic disease), and then an acute laminitis that is likely suffering from an infectious disease…. who I have been going out to daily to run antibiotics and take radiographs, etc.  So between the two of them, that’s enough to mentally and physically wear me out.   On top of those, I have been called to evaluate a dead horse (yes, yes…), a deep head laceration that required three layers of sutures in a really old horse, and a deep puncture wound in the shoulder of a pony.  That’s not all, but those are the most exciting I suppose.  

Tuesday night I came on call at 4pm.  My phone rang at 5:10pm.  The next night, the call came at 4:30.  ::sigh::   Tonight I am *not* on call, but I am sufficiently worried about laminitis #2 that I’m going back to the clinic to run bloodwork and check his kidney values.   Ahh, well.   Laminitis #2 comes with a sweet little old Pony Club lady, who gave me a bunch of roses to thank me for all my hard work on the horse.  🙂  Sometimes my job is really great. 

Sorry this is a super disjointed entry, my brain is fried.  Shouldn’t be much better after this weekend is out!


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