Posted by: yogavet | October 4, 2009

Down in the dirty dirty

Being on call pretty much all the time really does make you appreciate any and all time off…

I had this weekend off, and I’m heading to a surgery conference next week, so I took a few vacation days and decided to head down to NC and visit my sister and one of my bestest vet school pals.  I drove down to my sister’s place on Friday night and arrived in time to enjoy a delicious Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA and shoot the shit with my sister and mom (Mom found out that a girl’s weekend was going on and couldn’t miss it, so she drove down as well).  Saturday morning was eeeeearly, Tay had an event for work and we decided to volunteer our time so we could spend time with her; the event was "Pies for Patriots", which was a massive pie give-away to the troops at Fort Bragg.   We handed out about 11,000 frozen apple pies (in crates of 10 pies… can you use 10 apple pies?  I think that would last me a year…)  It was great to get to do something that made people happy without having to charge them any money!  Usually when I made people happy it’s because I did something to help their horse, but then I had them a bill for a few hundred dollars, and they usually aren’t as cheerful after that….  

So after we got done passing out a massive amount of pies, we were tired and came home to chill out… I slept for a few hours (gotta love vacation!) and then we went to dinner at a lovely little restaurant in Southern Pines called 195.  Deeeelish!  I had a ceasar salad with cumin shrimp, pecans, cranberries and blue cheese for a starter, and for my meal, panko-crusted grouper with a mozzarella and goat-cheese stuffed pepper, black beans, avocado relish and mashed potatoes.  And a few glasses of organic Pino Grigio.  mmmm.    After dinner we went to a lovey little bar at the Jefferson Inn, which had a little patio/grotto where we sat and chatted some more, and I sipped a Yeungling.   All in all a very fulfilling and fun day, spent with my favorite ladies (and Jared, who was our trusty chauffeur for the evening… he loves it, I’m sure!)

This morning I had the opportunity to sleep in, which means of course that I woke up at 8am… so I had a few hours of quiet time with my mom, sipping coffee and chatting.  Now we’re all sitting around watching Sunday Morning, Tay made me her favorite breakfast (oatmeal with cinnamon, flax seeds, banana and almond butter… I convinced her to add honey instead of her usual Stevia…. it’s pretty amazing!)  Not sure what today holds, but I’ll be sure to drink some more hoppy beer and love up on some beasty dogs.  



  1. Ashley, Heidi sent us on your website and it has been really neat. So nice to follow you around for a while. We are here in Canada but will going home around the 8th or 9th of Oct. Let us know your whereabouts. We’d love to stop in and say Hi sometime. Best, Jim and Sandy

    • Hi Sandy!

      I’m just south of Rochester, near Rush NY. Depending on where you are in Canada, that might be right on your way home – have Heidi give you my number, and give me a call when you’re heading through. I’d love to see you too! I am on call those days, so it would have to be barring emergencies…

      Have a great rest of your summer up north! Thanks for reading!


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