Posted by: yogavet | September 29, 2009

It’s a beautiful day for a day off!

Good morning and happy day off to myself  πŸ™‚  
I’m sitting here on the couch with a very snuggly purring cat on my lap, drinking coffee and eating Ezekiel toast with butter and blackberry jam… mmmm.  I could do this all morning. 

Had a great night last night – went out with Matt to our very favorite bar (which happens to offer $1-2 burgers with the purchase of a beer on Monday nights… the best way to celebrates surviving another monday).  I was not on call, yay!  so I could choose whatever beer I wanted, instead of nursing along a small glass of whatever was fairly low-ABV.  This place has around 75 taps, and a beer menu that comes separate from the food menu and has many, many more pages.  And is printed new every week, to accomidate all the new stuff they constantly get in.  It’s a beer mecca.  So having a little free rein there is pretty fun.  The following were my choices (please excuse my niave descriptions… I idolize the bartenders at this bar, who can rattle off perfect descriptions of all the beers they serve).  

1.  Moylan’s Hopsickle —  A BIG hoppy beast, Imperial IPA.  They used like 6 different kinds of hops, and they just explode on your tongue.  I really enjoyed the first 1/2, and had more trouble putting away the second half when our food came…. but I’d drink it again, just not with food  πŸ™‚  

2.  Sierra Nevada’s Chico Estate —  Oh. My. God.  They used fresh hops in this one, so it has a resinous quality from that… really well balanced, hoppy but not overpowering, just delicious.  It’s supposed to be very rare, limited production – our bartender said they had the only kegs in VA.  πŸ™‚   My new favorite of all time  (seriously). 

3.  Sierra Nevada’s Triple — This one was okay, kind of a typical Triple, a touch too sweet and heavy at times, but mostly well balanced and drinkable.   I still prefer Golden Monkey’s Triple.  mmmm  πŸ™‚  

And then I made Matt drive me home  πŸ™‚  

I suppose I should get off the couch and be productive today.  Although sitting on my butt drinking coffee is a tempting way to spend my morning….

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