Posted by: yogavet | September 28, 2009

Happy Fall!

Fall is my very favorite time of year, and fall in Virginia is just lovely.  So warm you can still grow food until nearly December, but cool enough at night that you can sleep with the windows open, and we still have apples and pumpkins and fall leaves (eventually) and all that jazz.  Virginia is a lovely state, you should come visit sometime. 

Going to try and start updating this more often, since I’d like to keep it going and my sister is now in a blogging mood, so it’s kind of inspiring me.  Stay tuned…

This weekend was slightly crazy – I was on primary on call for ambulatory, and the phone just didn’t stop.  I ended up seeing seven cases over the weekend, and all of them were different… a young horse beat up by his pasturemates, an eye ulcer, an old arthritis horse that was having trouble getting around, a weanling with a respiratory infection, a head laceration, a colic, and a screw in a hoof.   Whew!   I’m pretty spent, but tomorrow’s my day off, so I can rest and get all the things done I couldn’t this weekend… grocery shop, make canned spiced apples (pretty excited about this recipe from Well-Preserved), mow the lawn, do some laundry.  Or maybe I should just sleep all day  🙂  


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