Posted by: yogavet | October 6, 2007

my most favorite month

Well, here we are in October again  šŸ™‚  This time last year I was a stress mess over externship applications, my fourth year clinical schedule, which rotations I was going to take, and I was trying to move out of a bad situation in Philly and find a new apartment.  It was slightly insane, and I know I drove all my friends nuts with my constant stressing.  But these days, things are very different.  I’m peacefully plugging along at my fourth year of vet school, I’m out at the large animal hospital most of the time and (mostly) I’m loving it.   Being a fourth year student is a pretty neat thing.  You have tons of opportunity to learn as much as you ever wanted to know, lots of great people are constantly around to teach you, but in the end there isn’t a lot that’s riding on your shoulders… if you screw up, there’s usually someone right there to cover your butt, and there’s always a million people to ask if you have any questions.  So it’s almost like being a vet, but with a huge safety net.  Pretty sweet deal  šŸ™‚  The best part is that I’m surrounded by horses pretty much all day, and I’m outside for a lot of it.  So even when things are shitty (and they inevitably are, from time to time), I can always go hang out with my favorite patient, or go take a walk outside in the sunshine.  I’m extremely sleep deprived and malnourished (still), but I’m infinitely happier out here than in Philly.  šŸ™‚  

There’s another reason for my slightly annoying happiness, however – I have a job for next year!  I got accepted for one of the internships I was applying to, so in June of 2008 I’ll be starting my internship year at an equine hospital in Virginia  šŸ™‚  It’s a rotating internship, and I’ll spend 4 months each on surgery, internal medicine, and ambulatory medicine.  It’s a really nice practice, and I’m really excited to start.  It’s also a huge weight off – I don’t have to worry about the end of this year and what graduation will bring.  I can just roll right into my internship without skipping too much of a beat.  So I’m super excited  šŸ™‚  

Now all I have to do is pass my boards and small animal medicine in January (my last small animal rotation and the one I’m most worried about), and I’m good to go.  šŸ™‚  Pretty nice.  Boards are in a little over a month, though, so I should probably get cracking :-p 


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