Posted by: yogavet | April 10, 2007

any good?

Today, out with one of the vets at Fairfield Equine, we came across another vet who’s opening a practice in Florida.  He’s a Cornell grad so he had some fun at my expense, and then asked me if I was going to be an equine vet.  I said yes.  Then he asked, “Are you any good?”  I replied, without hesitation, “I will be, yes.”  Then he asked me why I thought so.  I stammered and blushed and couldn’t answer.  Only after he had rescued me by asking me if I was a horsewoman (I was able to answer an emphatic “yes” to this question, which caused him to tell me that I would indeed be good, since you can be taught vet medicine in a few weeks, but it took a lifetime to learn to be a horseperson) did I realize what I should have answered:  “I’ve known I was going to do this my whole life.  I know I’m going to be good at it because it’s all I want to do.”  

Next time.  

Also, the following quote from the vet I worked with today struck me as very true and very amusing:  

“There’s a certain art to performance evaluations.  There’s also a fine line between bullshit and art.” 

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