Posted by: yogavet | April 1, 2007

like a wandering little nomad….

Babies, babies, babies!

It’s foaling season, and they’re starting to hit us like popcorn  🙂   One of the maresat the clinic is going to go anytime – I’m just waiting for the call so I can rush in for the birth.  I saw my first foaling from start to finish the other night – very very cool.  I have a video of the baby standing for the first time – the actual birth was too quick for me to get my camera out.    Aaaah the miracle of birth  🙂  So very cool.  The clinic has a mule baby at the moment – the cutest thing EVER.  With huge ears.  And he’s a bugger – he’s only a few days old and already he’s racing around the paddock with his momma, tearing it up.  Super cute.  

Mule baby and his momma  🙂  

Newborn and his momma  🙂 

So I’m wandering the country, on my externships.  I spent the first two weeks in upstate NY, and had an awesome time.  Now I’m in sunny Virginia, and it’s lovely weather and lots of babies, and so that’s fun.  I’m a little less busy down here than I was in NY, so it’s a little lonely.  I’m currently sitting in a nice little coffee shop in Ashland that has free wireless internet – yay for free wireless internet!  They also make a mean breakfast bagel sandwich – Ashland Coffee and Tea, check them out.  Good stuff.    

I’ll be here for the next week, then it’s off to Fairfield CT – where I’ll have my own hotel room, hopefully (unless they stick me with another extern), so hopefully I can arrange to have some visitors and not be so lonely!  Until then I’ve been sitting around with my nose in a book – The Mists of Avalon, specifically.  It’s really good so far, I’m about 1/4 through it.  It’s the story of King Arthur told from the perspective of the women.  I recommend it if you like that whole Arthurian legend / celtic type stuff.   ‘Cuz I do  🙂   I read Sarum a little while ago, which is a historical fiction novel about Salisbury, from the very beginning stone age people to the modern era.  So it’s kind of cool to follow that up with a bit more Arthurian stuff, since the author of Sarum touched on it.  

That’s it, I suppose.  I’m gonna try to find some stuff to do for the rest of the day – I slept and read my book all afternoon yesterday, maybe today I should try to wander around Ashland a bit and do some shopping?  It’s tough because I have to stay within about a 15 min. drive from the clinic… we’ll see.  


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