Posted by: yogavet | January 5, 2007

Why is it?

That everyone always craves chicken soup when they’re sick? Is it something imbedded in our culture, or is there something scientific to it? I’m not sure, but I think it has something to do with the broth. I tried to make some Campbell’s chicken noodle the other day (when heating up a can was about the only thing I could summon up the energy to do), and all I had in the cupboard was cream of tomato and cream of mushroom… just not the same. So I tried the cafeteria the next day, they were advertising chicken noodle soup… score. I ordered a cup, and I got this weird creamy mixture with huge chunks of chicken breast I needed a fork to eat. Not exactly. So tonight I tried to make some from a mix I got for christmas, and it’s not half bad. Not nearly as good as mom’s, but it’ll do.

I’ve survived the first week of large animal block! Apart from being deathly ill, it went pretty well. It’s pretty exciting to finally be learning what I want to learn. Even anesthesia makes more sense.

Phew, I almost just deleted this entry, but livejournal has autosave now… good thing, too, since this sucker’s a winner. :-p

More coherent ramblings later, when I’m a little more healed.


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