Posted by: yogavet | January 3, 2007

Happy New Year and Large Animal Block to you!

The part of vet school I’ve been 2 and a half years for has finally arrived 🙂 We’re spending the next 2 months at New Bolton, playing with ponies and cows and all sorts of other fun things. Today we met our surgery ponies (we have a little chestnut mare who’s still a little afraid of us… but I’m coming tomorrow armed with carrots – I’m far too stubborn to not make friends). Then we spent the next 3 hours at the swine unit… I learned the following fun things about breeding sows:

– It is possible to buy a vibrator specifically made for sows.

– There is also a “french tickler” designed for sows. No joke.

– Boars have the largest volume of ejaculate of any domestic species.

– Scrapple is “lean” compared to “pudding”… if you don’t know what either of those are, you are better off.

– Men are on par with cats, as far as ejaculate volume goes… sorry boys.

Too much fun was had by all in the swine unit 🙂

Then we had lunch and went to play with cow uteri… Billy Smith taught us how to retract the uterus, using the following phrases:

– Hola!

– To the left, to the left, now slide….

– First, you must make friends with the cervix.

I’m sure there were lots more, but I can’t remember.

Overall, an awesome day.

And a new year! Pretty amazing. I had a new years eve for the record books… I drove to Astoria to spend the evening having an outrageous time with Alison and her friends from college, and managed to hit a coyote on the highway… the coyote and my car did not survive. The coyote was dead on impact, I’m assuming (scariest thing ever), the car managed to limp to Astoria before dying as I parked it on the street (AAA and NJDOT said I would make it there… I was in the Lincoln tunnel when it was clear I would not… fun times) But I got there, proceeded to get myself very drunk and have an amazing time (beer pong in cocktail dresses? yes I think so!), at least the parts I can remember. My car is still in NYC, being fixed (hopefully)… I hitched a ride home with my parents, who happened to be driving from CT to PA. We got stuck in HOURS of traffic, which was super fun, as I’m sure you can imagine. But we got home, I’m car-less (but fortunately everyone in my class is here for LA block, so rides are easy to get… I love you ALL, by the way, and will be buying you all lots of wine in exchange for picking my butt up at the ass crack of dawn).

Time for sleep now so I can get up way early and take care of our pony (hurray ponies!). More LA Block stories to come, never fear!


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