Posted by: yogavet | November 20, 2006

um, it’s been a while?

So, things get crazy and then I don’t update this sucker. I also kind of left things on a depressing note – Philly and TB and all that. Anyway, I survived Nicaragua (so far, no malaria! woo!), and it was life changing, everything I wanted and way more than I expected. One of these days I’ll post a synopsis of what the trip was like. I have to write it up for CVM anyway… it’s on my (very long) to do list.

This semester has been crazy, I feel like I’m in a million places at once. End of core classes is coming up VERY soon and I’m super excited. I spayed my first dog a week and a half ago, and she’s still living with me (because I’m such a sucker for a sad look on a puppy dog’s face). I’m pretty sure I have a home for her, so things are working out nicely there. I took out her stitches tonight (like a rockstar, if I do say so myself – no assistance, no suture removing scissors, shitty lighting… but I managed to get them out and not impale her, go me!), and all I can say is how incredibly impressed I am with the skin’s natural ability to heal. All you’ve got to do is get the edges close, and viola! perfectly healed in 10 days. It certainly wasn’t my stellar tissue handling skills 🙂 My only regret is that the incision is kinda crooked… poor girl, every vet that looks at her from now on is going to know she was a junior surgery dog (either that or some very incompetent vet took out her uterus).

I can’t believe thanksgiving is next week. Crazy. First thanksgiving in the ‘rent’s new place. It’s gonna be interesting. I have so much work to do over the break I’ll barely have time to breathe. But I’m sure I’ll spend most of my time baking pies and eating, and shove it all to sunday night as usual 🙂

And with that I should go study some more dermatology. If there’s one thing I could see myself definitely NOT doing after I graduate (along with being a feline-only vet) it would be small animal derm. A parade of nasty greasy, hairless, itchy dogs and pissed off cats trying to remove their own faces? I think I’ll pass….


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