Posted by: yogavet | June 28, 2006

Hay que trabajar con ahinco

According to my new “Spanish for Beginners” book, that means “it is necessary to work hard”. And I think that for the next 3 weeks or so, I will be. I’m getting ready for my big mission trip to Nicaragua. It’s kind of scary how quick it’s come up. I still need to get my malaria meds (I have to start them on saturday), learn spanish (right), get organized and buy the rest of the stuff I’ll need, figure out what else I’m bringing, pack it all… oh, and finish all the Bible study I was supposed to be doing in my “30 day devotional”. I did 12 days worth of passages on Sunday and Monday. I also need to take my online RAVS quiz (for the next big vet related trip). There’s probably more I need to do that I can’t think of right now. Today I bought my Spanish for Beginners book, a small Spanish dictionary, a Sudoku book (it seemed like a good electronic-free entertainment), and a pack duffle bag (my pack always gets messed up on flights) all for Nicaragua. I also ordered online Deet bug repellent lotion, Permethrin clothing spray, a toiletry organizer, a cube pack organizer, and water purifying tablets. So I’m getting there.

In other news, my parents are officially moving out of the house in Connecticut – and I’ll never go there again. It’s kind of too hard to digest, so I don’t really think about it. I was going to go there last weekend, one last time – but it almost seemed like that would make it too drawn out. I’m excited for them to move, to have a new place, to experience new things. But it’s a little strange when your childhood house is no longer yours.

Other than that, Philly is being washed away. I had honey baked ham with Maria’s grandmother tonight. I’ve shown this house to two different first years, and I think neither of them will be staying here next year. I got an air conditioner last week and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Aaand, that’s it, I think.

Time for bed. More Nicaragua news coming soon.


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