Posted by: yogavet | June 20, 2006

too hot

It’s hot as balls in my apartment. I think it’s time for an air conditioner. And I hate air conditioners. But I can’t live like this for an entire summer.

It’s bad when your cat sprawls out on the wood floor just to escape the heat a bit. Especially when this cat’s preferred location is underneath all the blankets on your bed, making a little hide-away. He’s sacrificing all his privacy to be a few degrees cooler. And he’s pretty darn heat tolerant. Yeah, it’s hot.

To add to the fun, they’re resurfacing my road right now, which means I have to get up at 5:45am and move my car, so I don’t get towed, because my street was the only street with parking when I got home tonight. I love Philly, I love Philly, I love Philly…. :-p


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