Posted by: yogavet | June 18, 2006

almost famous?

conversation between me and a cousin, online:

Cody: i heard you’re famous
Ashley: Barbaro?
Cody: maybe?
Ashley: haha
Ashley: he’s certainly famous, but I am not
Cody: sure you are
Cody: hell, i heard about it
Ashley: yeah, but all I did was stand outside the stall door
Ashley: I have a feeling the story is getting a little blown out of proportion
Cody: i heard you rode him into the sunset
Ashley: haha, I bet you did
Cody: haha
Cody: no, i heard you worked on him or something
Cody: i wasn’t exactly sure
Cody: …broken leg?
Ashley: he did break his leg, yes
Ashley: I did *not* work on him
Ashley: I literally stood outside his door, and that is it
Cody: haha
Cody: i’m still going to tell people you fixed him single handedly so he could go on to win the derby twice more
Cody: and then saved timmy from a well
Ashley: haha, awesome


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