Posted by: yogavet | February 27, 2006


Someone has been stealing my notes. Personally, I think it’s pixies. They’re clearly running around my house and picking up all my carefully written class notes, and hiding them in secret places. Someday when I’m cleaning my room, or moving, I’m going to find a neat little packet of notes for orthopedics and clinical pathology that will have done me NO GOOD on these exams I am currently taking. Aah well. It’s clearly a conspiracy (and has NOTHING to do with me being a complete flake…)

Okay, time to learn more about clinical pathology. I’m actually in a really good mood, even with exams. I’ve been going to yoga a bunch, and eating right, and drinking buckets and buckets of awesome tea… so really, life is pretty good right now, even with all the studying. ( – best tea you’ll ever drink, I promise) This will clearly piss off some of my more bitter classmates, I’m sure. But it’s okay – I’m not gonna let it bring me down 🙂

Really going now, procrastination time is over.


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