Posted by: yogavet | February 25, 2006

dinner jacket cat?

I was just cruising around (which, by the way, is awesome and you should go there right now…), and I discovered that there’s a heated debate going on (amongst the people who frequent this site and comment on a regular basis) on what exactly is the name for the color that my cat happens to be. My cat, as you can see by my icon (that’s him staring up at you) is your basic black and white variety. I’ve heard the term “tuxedo cat” refer to a black and white cat that’s mostly black, with white on the feet, face and belly. But Felix has too much white for that. So apparently in Britain (I’m assuming) the appropriate name for Felix would be DJC: Dinner Jacket Cat. Awesome. šŸ™‚ Some people have shortened this to simply “dinner cat”, which I find a little disturbing… This is all well and good, except some people reject the “dinner cat” label (cat people are weird. weirder than horse people, if I may be so bold…) and have dubbed this cat color “pussycow”. That’s right. PUSSYCOW. I think I like that even better than DJC šŸ™‚ Although really, he should be more spotted to really be a “cow”. I dunno.

Clearly, I have found better things to do with my time than study either med/surg or clin path. (That’s “medicine/surgery” and “clinical pathology” to those NOT currently in their second year of veterinary medicine). Perhaps I should go do that.


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