Posted by: yogavet | February 21, 2006


aah, midterms. The bitterness that surrounds me is palpable.

Fortunately, I’m not bitter. I’m just tired. :-p

Barefoot Truth is getting me through this… I freakin’ love this band. My poor ipod is getting burnt out.


So step back for a moment,
To analyze all that you’ve achieved.
Tell me was it what you wanted, did it make you happy?
Or had you been decieved?
And if you still have yet to understand this theme:
Plain and simple, don’t live somebody else’s dream.
You know the sea will surely come again,
and the stars will fill the sky.
Well, it’s a simply inspiration,
but it always blows my mind.
Well, can I get a witness to present my plea?
I know I won’t fall victim to this animosity.
All they can teach you is the writing on the wall.
I’m gonna cut my strings free –
And I’m ‘a roll if I fall.
You know I’ll roll if I fall.


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