Posted by: yogavet | February 17, 2006

cheep cheep

So, the dreaded chicken class is DONE. And I think I did well, even. I did not make chicken for dinner, but dave told me he ate some, so I think I’m even. :-p I’ve kind of been on a vegetarian kick these days. I don’t think I’m gonna go completely veggie, but all this learning EXACTLY how our meat is processed has kind of turned me off the stuff for a bit. We had a swine neonatology class this semester, and those piglets are so freakin’ cute, and really smart. It’s tough to think about eating them when you hang out with them for 8 hours.

Aaanyhow, now it’s time to study for the REST of my midterms/finals. Not so much fun. But in two weeks I will be heading to sunny florida for a much needed break. I plan on sitting on the beach reading good books the entire time. It’s gonna be fabulous.

I went to yoga tonight, which is also fabulous. I hadn’t been since mid january, so it was kind of tough, but in a good way. I’d love to be better at it than I am, but it’s so hard to fit it in. And then my body does silly things like get sick. But, yeah. It’s good stuff. I should go more.

Alright, enough procrastination for one night. Time to study cardiology. Perhaps I’ll have an epiphany.


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