Posted by: yogavet | February 7, 2006


so, it’s been a while and everything, and lots has gone on, but I’m not really in the mood to update you with my whole life, so I’ll just hit you with some randomness. Ready?

Tonight, during a particularly boring VBMA (that’s the veterinary business management association, in case you care) lecture, my friends sitting on either side of me decided to amuse themselves by composing this note, which they passed back and forth in front of me until it was complete. (names have been withheld to protect the insane/illegible)

“Ashley is trouble. I think it is because she is French. and/or Canadian.”

“No, I think it is because she THINKS she’s the dominant cat – but we know better.”

(At this point I tried to sneak a look at this note…)

“True, true. She is also very nosy. In a French Canadian cat kind of way. And she drinks tea. And cannot be trusted!”

“Ah yes, I’ve often wondered about the ‘tea’ she drinks all day long.”

“I’ve noticed her eyes being vey dilated after consuming said ‘tea’. Perhaps it contains a alpha-agonist. Or would it be a beta? Shit, wish I knew more than 70.9% of pharmacology. :-)”

Then there was a “Pro and Con of Ashley List”, which included:
Pro: Drinks beer
Con: Drinks tea

Pro: agreed to go to Australia w/me
Con: Threatened to NOT go if I drink to much

Pro: is progressive
Con: is demanding
(the lecturer had just said that equine vets are progressive, so I leaned over and told sheila to put “progressive” on my pro list.)

Pro: Lets people camp out at her house for 2 days
Con: bugs out the whole time
(to my credit, it was the day before an exam, and I only started to freak out at 5pm…)

Pro: always has ALMONDS on hand
Con: Does NOT always have HERSHEY’s w/ ALMONDS chocolate bars on hand

aaaand that’s all. my friends are insane. :-p

I said I would be in bed by this time tonight, since I’m sick and I think my immune system is pissed at me. But clearly that’s not going to happen, because I’m bullshitting online and I still haven’t finished editting the poultry project that I told my group I’d have done for tomorrow. And I have to clean up some serious cat puke, since Maria’s coming over tomorrow night (for wine tasting! woo!), and I try not to have too much cat puke laying around when guests come over. I love my cat, I love my cat, I love my cat…

I got a text message today from a friend just saying he was thinking of me. It really cheered me up and it made me realize how nice that is, and also how careless I can sometimes be with keeping in touch with people I care about but don’t see every day. So I called two of my friends on my way home from school that I’ve been meaning to call for a while. I’m going to try to be better about that.

I have a purring kitty on my lab. Sometimes that’s all you need.

I think that’s all for now. Time to do some poultry work and get my sick butt in bed.


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