Posted by: yogavet | November 2, 2005

stress has hit a new level

second year is going to be the death of us all

I’ve never seen such chronically stressed out people in my life. I walked into the lobby of VHUP today to pick up Felix (he had an appt for his asthma, we’re starting bronchodilators, yay!), and I had his carrier in my hand. I was sort of standing in front of the front desk waiting for one of the receptionists to call me over, when the security guard looked at me in alarm, and said “Can I help you?” in a sort of panicked way.

This of course confused me, so I ambled over to her and kind of stuttered, “I’m just trying to check out, I’m a student…”

To which she replied, looking very relieved, “Oh, okay, I thought you had an emergency.”

Is this the image I portray? Am I on such a different level of stress that I can be calmly waiting for a receptionist and an onlooker will immediately interpret the carrier in my hand as an EMERGENCY? I’m certainly frazzled, but I thought at least on the outside I had it relatively together. Guess not. ::sigh::

Just so I don’t totally bum you out with my horror stories of this year, here’s some funny quotes from today:

– Felix’s 4th year student, quoting Dr. Sertich, as she began a rectal exam:

“As with most things in life, rectals should be done with kindness and a lot of lubrication.”

Also, I had an entire (hilarious) conversation with one of the guys in my class on whether or not I ate bananas. It went something like this:

Ricardo (very suddenly, sort of as I walked by): “Do you eat bananas?”
Me (hesitantly, as if this is going to turn into a strange joke): “yes…”
Ricardo: Good. Lots of bananas?
Me: um, I guess?
Ricardo: You need to eat lots of bananas.
Me (laughing, by now): why’s that?
Ricardo: How’s your urine pH?
Me (starting to laugh hysterically): my what??
Ricardo: your urine pH. Bananas help balance your pH.

We kind of went back and forth with that, there was some consulting of Megan as to the status of her banana pH, etc. I had no idea where the hell this was coming from, but found it hysterical anyway. Come to find out, Ricardo had had a very strange conversation with Mo (the anatomy lab guy – we all (mostly) love him, but sometimes he comes out with very interesting stuff…) at happy hour on friday about urine pH, and how Mo eats lots of bananas to make sure his pH is right, and it’s very important for good health. (this is particularly funny for a man that smokes and spends most of his life up to his elbows in formalin). He then proceeded to GIVE RICARDO LITMUS PAPER so that he could check his urine pH! Oh the weirdness of vet school.

Anyway, back to studying hemostasis. I’d make a joke about slitting my wrists, but it wouldn’t be funny.


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