Posted by: yogavet | October 2, 2005

shoot me?

Once upon a time, October was my favorite month. I love the transition into fall, the leaves starting to turn, the nights getting cool, and the onset of sweater weather. I love fresh apples, and cider, and all the goodness that comes with fall. And I especially love the nice long slide into the holidays, starting with halloween.

But then vet school hit. And october became a flurry of nonstop exams, where you barely come up for air after one before diving into the books to study for the next one. Barely time to notice that it’s fall, nevermind enjoy it. ::sigh:: One of these days, I’ll have a somewhat normal life again…

Today has been a stressful day in our house… we got a letter from the water bureau saying they’re shutting off our water on friday, and one from the gas company saying they’re shutting off our gas on the 10th. Lovely. So those bills have to be paid monday. See, we had subletters all summer, who were supposed to be paying these bills. As of the end of August, they hadn’t. But they assured us they would. So we figured they did. Guess not. So now it’ll be a repeat of last year, paying the utilities for people who no longer live here, and spending months trying to track them down and get the money out of them. ugh. hate subletters. never again.

Then Laura came home from school saying her car got towed from school. When it rains it pours, I suppose…. sheesh.

So I’m heading to bed, to nurse my skull some more (still hurts hell… stupid gate…), hopefully getting up early to study all day at school. What loveliness. uugggg…

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