Posted by: yogavet | October 1, 2005

“with enough lube…

you can fit anything anywhere”

I do love repro club 🙂

Just got back from a morning of learning how to collect semen from bulls and bucks. Fun stuff. Now I stink like buck (mature uncastrated goats are very stinky. worse than pigs, it lingers like no other smell). But it was a good lab. Give me a day at New Bolton over a day in class or studying, any time. I did, however, manage to smack the HELL out of my head on a big metal gate, which is not making me happy right now. That’s gonna make studying parasites so much more pleasant… ugh.

Time to shower off smelly buck and get ready to study parasites for the rest of the day.

Oh, and GO SOX!! 😀


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