Posted by: yogavet | September 18, 2005

hey there journal…

Okay, so it’s been… months. ::shrug::

I’m back at school, studying for my first exam (well, technically, at this very moment I’m procrastinating, but you get the idea…) which just so happens to be tomorrow. So what better time to update this puppy? haha. Basically this semester is going to be a whirlwind of exams. Looking at my schedule makes me cringe. It’s pretty much going to be nonstop. So if I sort of drop off the face of the earth, that’s why.

I’m starting a new job soon, in the necropsy room of the large animal hospital (necropsy = veterinary term for “autopsy”). So that should be pretty cool, and gross, and fun, and informative. I’m excited. I think I may be INSANE to be giving up some of my saturdays to muck around in cow intestines while I have exams pretty much every monday… but whatever :-p

Alright, back to immunology, blech…


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