Posted by: yogavet | July 21, 2005

week of death…

I dunno if it’s the weather, or what, but we’ve done 4 euthanasias in 3 days, and it’s getting a bit much. Once in a while is tough enough. ::sigh::

All in all, though, work has been good. Learning a lot, having fun. I managed to diagnose kidney failure from bloodwork results the other day… granted, it was blatant kidney failure, but at least I knew what would be elevated and whatnot. Unfortunately, my elation at having reached the correct diagnosis quickly faded as I realized that meant we’d have to put the dog down. dammit. Which we did, yesterday. aaah well. Can’t win ’em all.

Let’s see, what else. Summer has been decent. Kind of bored out of my skull, but what can you do, right? Nobody’s really here to hang out with except my sister, and she kind of has her own thing going. So I’m reading a lot… Harry Potter was the highlight of the summer, so far. haha. I am hanging out with AJ and Sean and Alex this friday, that should be a mini high school reunion, which should be fun.

So, not much to report, now you all know why I haven’t been writing much this summer. Not much going on :-p maybe if something interesting happens I’ll pop on here and tell all two of you.


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