Posted by: yogavet | July 21, 2005


stolen from amp23

10 years ago I… (1995)
1. qualified for Pony Club Nationals for the first time, for Show Jumping, with three clean rounds at regionals. MLE didn’t think I could do it :-p
2. came in last place at said PC nationals – my team managed to lose 30 horsemanagement points in one day, which I think might be a record…
3. was in middle school. ha. cluster 3 fo’ life, or something. nevermind, I hated middle school.

5 years ago I… (2000)
1. graduated from ledyard high school
2. went off to college at boston university
3. was dating Nick

3 years ago I… (2002)
1. got dumped (buurrrn)
2. became president of habitat for humanity at BU
3. sold my horse

2 years ago I… (2003)
1. was spineless and went back out with Nick, only to dump him later that year… so now we’re even? I guess
2. planned a sleepout for habitat that got hit by a nor’easter, we had to cancel it at 12:30am. nap out?
3. performed with Children’s Theater. as an otter.

1 year ago I… (2004)
1. graduated from BU with my BS in biology
2. moved to philly and started vet school at Penn
3. applied at Petco for a summer job. got rejected. fortunately, my old boss said I could have my job back for the summer…

So far this year I… (2005)
1. passed all my first year class at Penn (woo!)
2. met some amazing people in Philly, who I miss a lot now that I’m in lonely CT for the summer
3. went to jamaica with said amazing people, and had the time of my life

Yesterday I…
1. assisted with two euthanasias in a row at work. ::sigh::
2. went out for dinner with my Meme, her husband, aunt and uncle, and my parents. had jerk halibut, at 2 great margaritas
3. went to bed early to try to catch up on sleep, since the night before was spent reading Harry Potter…

Today I…
1. assisted with another euthanasia. one of those weeks.
2. wrestled with some badass kitties
3. realized I’m over my credit card limit. awesome.

Tomorrow I will…
1. wake up early and do yoga. really.
2. assist with some acupuncture, and hopefully no euthanasias. but now I’ve jinxed us…
3. go out with friends to Mohegan Sun

This weekend I will :
1. go to Providence with Tay, her new boy, and the ‘rents for Waterfire.
2. say goodbye to Meme and Hart, who are leaving at 2am sunday to go back to florida. yes, I said 2 am…
3. either help out with the llamas at church (llamas!) or get a free massage at friends and family day at CCMT 😀

In the next year (2006) I will…
1. learn lots of crazy crap in my second year at penn
2. hopefully get down to florida to visit dee
3. go to Jess and Gordon’s wedding (#3 in a year, whew!)


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