Posted by: yogavet | May 15, 2005

home stretch

Here we go, gearing up for the LAST WEEK of finals. Ahh! 4 exams in 5 days – really not my idea of a good time. But friday will come soon enough, I’ll go out and get wasted with my class (yay!) and then I’ll head home for a summer filled with kayaking, mountain biking, and relaxation. 🙂 It’s gonna be so nice. But first I have to get through Path, ICVM, Radiology and Nutrition. Whee!

I’m actually in decent shape for Path, I went through half the lectures yesterday. That leaves half for today, plus reviewing them all, plus looking at lab stuff, plus going over old exams. Hmm, why do I not sound like I’m in good shape anymore… Ah well. Cramming is my forte, I should be alright.

We ran out of coffee filters yesterday (because Beth and I have been drinking coffee like it’s water…) so this morning I had to resort to using paper towels. Actually it made a decent pot. Maybe today sometime I’ll take a study break to run to superfresh and grab some more filters, though. I could use some more Red Bull, too. Hurray for caffiene – making vet school possible.

I also made banana pancakes this morning – well, to be fair, it was the leftover pancakes from the other day, with banana slices on top, walnuts, and syrup. Mmmmmm. 🙂 So now I have the Jack Johnson song of the same name stuck in my head. It’s a great song, though, so I have no complaints. Well, other than that song is about two lovers staying in bed all day, eating pancakes and pretending it’s the weekend. And that’s not really my situation. :-p

Aaah well, enough about that, time to study CANCER all day! Woo! Nothing lifts the mood quite like cancer, eh? Fun, fun, fun.


Well, can’t you see that it’s just raining?
There ain’t no need to go outside.

But baby, you hardly even notice when I try to show you.
This song is meant to keep you from doing what you’re supposed to,
Wakin’ up too early.
Maybe we could sleep in.
Make you banana pancakes,
Pretend like it’s the weekend, now.
We could pretend it all the time.

Can’t you see that it’s just raining?
There ain’t no need to go outside.


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