Posted by: yogavet | May 15, 2005

booo cancer

Is it bad that I’m done caring? Really, I feel like I could just not study for the rest of finals. ‘Course I won’t, but uuuugh. So done. My window’s open and there’s a cool breeze coming in, and I can smell the lilac trees across the street… And if I could pack up and drive out tomorrow, I would. Or right now, even. Ugh. Done done done…

Oh, and I’d like to ammend my previous statement that no one but my mom reads this journal. My sister does as well. :-p She made it a point to tell me that. Glad to know I’m keeping my family so well updated. This is probably redundant, then, since I call my mom almost every day, and my mom tells everyone everything, especially my sister. 🙂 But that’s alright.

oookay, back to studying for pathology. I’ve finished all the lectures (go me! before midnight, even!) and it’s time to check out the book a bit before I look at the lab stuff, review, and go over old exams. At least part of that will take place tomorrow morning over breakfast. Then I’ll run off to take the exam, finish and have exactly 24 hours to prepare for ICVM! I love my life.

Still have Jack Johnson in my head. That CD is so so good, if you don’t have a copy, you need to get one. If you’re cool. If you’re not cool, you probably don’t like Jack Johnson, and then what the hell are you doing reading my livejournal? Get the hell outta here.


When your mind is a mess, so is mine.
I can’t sleep
cause it hurts when I think.
My thoughts aren’t at peace
with the plans that we make.
Chances we take,
they’re not yours, they’re not mine.
There’s waves that can break
all the words that we said
and the words that we mean.
Words can fall short, can’t see the unseen
cause the world is awake
For somebody sayin’, now, please close your eyes,
woman please get some sleep.

And know that if I knew all the answers I would
not hold them from you, no – all the things that I know
We told each other, there is no other way.


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