Posted by: yogavet | May 12, 2005


Done with neuro! (hopefully) I think I passed. I hope I passed. Ugh. I really hated that class. It was worse than Biochem for me. Probably the worst one so far. Crappy crap crap. Anyway, it’s over, and as long as I didn’t fail too badly, it should be over for good. On to Physio…

I just can’t get myself riled up about physio. It’s always multiple choice, and regardless of whether I study my butt off or slack off and barely look at the matter, I get a B. So why study? Of course I will, but it’s just not really motivating me. So I spent the morning sleeping and making pancakes. Both of which were vital, obviously. But I guess I should buckle down and get through this materal. But maybe I’ll take a shower first, and maybe walk Manny….

Ace (one of my dogs at home) is in the hospital this morning getting a tumor looked at/ biopsied/ taken out (?). No fun. I noticed that he was breathing funny the last time I was home, and I thought maybe he had some laryngeal paralysis, which is pretty common in bigger dogs as they age. So I told my mom to bring him in and have him looked at. Turns out it was a growth behind/around (involving?) his thyroid. That’s a pretty tough spot for a tumor to be, so I hope it’s something they can do something about. He’s 11, which is kinda old for a bigger dog, but he’s a mixed breed, so it’s not as old as if he was all shepherd or something. He’s an awesome dog, I really hope he pulls through this. šŸ˜¦

I really want to be home for summer. Like now. These finals are dragging on me. I’m gonna miss my friends from school, though. It’s so strange, I’ve spent nearly every day with these people since September. Going home for christmas felt weird, like I wouldn’t see them for such a long time. And this is gonna be months. I’ll have to come down to Philly and visit šŸ™‚

Aaalright I suppose I should get moving. My apologies that this journal has turned out to be utterly boring… but welcome to my life! Actually, some very fun stuff has happened as of late, but it’s either that I don’t update right after it happens (and therefore don’t think of it) or it’s not the sort of thing to post in a livejournal. So deal! :-p As if anyone reads this anyway, besides my mom. Haha.


On your way to the best years of your life.
Everyone’s banging on their gongs,
The sooner you leave, the sooner you’re home.
Back in Massachusetts –
To your golden age, where they tuck you in at night.
You didn’t see it coming, now who you gonna wave to?
Cause this time, you’re not homecoming king.

Did you hear that?
Have you heard that sound before?
Do you even know where it is coming from?
You didn’t see it coming, now who you gonna wave to?
Cause this time, you’re not homecoming king.

You stand on your own – was it what you hoped at all?
Do you still recall it?
You’re giving dead-arms in the hall.
Stay right where you are, you’ll be half of who you were.
When you always would win – so count the days till you give in.
Back to Massachusetts –
to your golden age, where your crown is shining bright.
You didn’t see it coming, now who you gonna wave to?
Cause this time, you’re not homecoming king.

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