Posted by: yogavet | March 20, 2005

Jamaica pics are up!

All 242 of them… Go to It took me FOREVER to go through them, put them in order, crop things, delete the 100 self portraits of Danielle and Tay (haha, crazy girls), and post them all. But they are THERE, for your viewing pleasure.

My parents came yesterday to bring me Felix 🙂 And also to visit. It was good to see them, and now I have my kitty back. Although I think he’s punishing me for leaving him for 2 weeks, because he’s spending most of his days growling. Mostly at Skippy – who, to his credit, is mostly leaving Felix alone. But he’s also sitting at the back door, whining to go out. As if. :-p Hopefully he’ll get over himself and stop hissing at me.

I think I’m getting sick. Well, no, actually, I’m sure I’m getting sick, it’s just a question of how sick I’ll get. Beth (a roomie) has been pretty sick all week, probably with the flu – she had a fever and everything. So, now my throat is sore and my head feels foggy… great, great. Hopefully it’ll just be a short thing and I’ll fight it off.

Now I’m off to clean my room (it’s still a disaster from Jamaica) and get to BED at a reasonable time tonight. No more skimping on sleep.

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