Posted by: yogavet | March 14, 2005

Irie, irie :-)

Soooo, Jamaica! What an awesome trip. 🙂 We just got back last night – I was in the Carribean Sea (don’t call it an ocean!) at 2:30 yesterday afternoon. And I miss it so much. That was exactly what I needed. I’ve got some crazy stories, but you won’t find them all here 🙂 What happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica… for the most part 😉

We got there Sunday afternoon after a LONG day of travelling (it started at 4:30 am) and I wasted NO time getting myself sloshed 🙂 Walking the beach and drinking strawberry dacquiries? Yeah, that’ll do. We chilled that night (since most of us had only had a few hours, or less, of sleep the night before), and spent Monday pretty much entirely on the beach 🙂 Monday night I went with some of the girls to the Jungle for crazy dancing fun, which ended eventually when Danielle got pushed down the stairs, smashing a beer bottle into her palms. We got her cleaned up fine, but as we were leaving we noticed that there was a LOT of class on the floor (not from Danielle) and that most of it was covered in blood. So we decided that was our cue to go. Before all that went down, though, it was a great night. Tuesday we went snorkeling in the reef off of Negril, which was really nice – hopefully I got some cool pictures. Tuesday night we went to a reggae bar next door to our hotel and heard some kickass reggae, and even a comedy routine from the 3 Jamaican Stooges… amazing. The only downfall to hanging out at reggae bars is that Jamaican men do NOT leave young american girls alone… the pickup lines we heard this week were unbelievable. Just for example, off the top of my head:

One older guy told Maria that he wanted to take her away and show her the “real vibrations of Jamaica”…

I was told by some guy on the beach, as he was lamenting how he never gets any girls, and as I was telling him that no, I still wasn’t interested: “It’s not so special. Why not share it?”

The last day on the beach as a guy was walking by us – he was trying to persuade me to come down and talk to him (it’s the law that no one can come up on private property past the high tide mark, so they try to get us to come down to the water) – he said that he liked my “20lb (insert Jamaican word for “boobs”)” I figured out what he was saying after a few tries when he added a hand gesture. :-p (Come on, 20lbs? That’s kind of insane…)

So, yeah. There were many more, and all funnier than the one before. But they can be very persistant. Anyways….

Wednesday we went on this awesome river walk, where they took us up this beautiful river that was mostly only knee or hip deep. There were big boulders to climb up, and pools that were 6-9 feet deep that you could jump or dive into. There were also really cool little waterfalls all over – the guides showed us how to sit in them so that the water went over our heads, stuff like that 🙂 It was really cool. In one of the deep pools there was a hole in the rock that you could swim through to get to the other side. The guide did it first, and didn’t tell us where he was going – he just dove into this pool and disappeared, then grabbed someone from under the water 🙂 Megan tried it next (the girl has no fear) and then they were asking if anyone else wanted to. I was really scared to do it, cause it seemed really claustrophobic – the rock that the hole was through was pretty wide. But I decided that I would regret it if I didn’t do it, so I tried it. The first time I tried I saw the hole and spazzed, and came up. But I got it on the second try, and it wasn’t so bad. Very very cool, though.

Thursday we mostly chilled on the beach, and in the evening I went with Tay and Danielle on a booze cruise that went to the cliffs. We watched a bunch of people jumping from the cliffs, and then I watched Tay do it… twice. Crazy girl. Those cliffs are HIGH. Danielle and I jumped off the catamaran we came on, and were impressed with ourselves 🙂 That night we went to another reggae bar that had this craaaazy contoursionist doing this bizzare dance in time to the music. He was amazing, and the music was really good.

Friday was rainy – we were supposed to go on a trail ride, but we postponed it. So we spent the day walking the beach and buying beach stuff 🙂 It was a good day. Friday we went back to the first reggae bar, which had a great band again – it was good times, and the men were less sketchy, and we met this histerical pair of older italian men, complete with fanny packs, that cracked us up all night. And I danced with a rastafarian man who “liked the way I moved” haha.

Saturday we went on the trail ride, which was amazing. They took us on a 45 min trip around these old farms and up in the hills – it was really pretty. After that we got to go swimming in the ocean (excuse me – the SEA) with the horses – I didn’t think you could actually SWIM with a horse. I mean, I’d been in the water plenty with my horse, but we never got in past my knees. I thought it would be dangerous to go in past where the horse could touch. I guess it might be if the horse hasn’t swum before. But these horses did it all the time – it was a blast. The trip in the water was quick – maybe like 5 minutes – but it was reeeeaaally cool. The only one that had a problem was Megan – she ended up falling off and got tangled up under another horse. She got spit out the other side, after getting kicked a few times, once in the head. I watched it happen, it was pretty scary. She was fine after the lump on her head went down. But for her first time riding, she’ll have quite a story.

Saturday night I went with Sheila, Tay, and Danielle to Risky Business (a bar that converts into a crazy dance club for the spring breakers), we danced our BUTTS off and had an amazing time. 🙂

Sunday was our last day, and we milked it for all it was worth. We stayed on the beach until the last possible moment, and got pina colodas for the road when we were forced to leave. We dragged our heels the whole time. It was so hard to leave that place, knowing we were coming home to coooold philadelphia, and vet school. But now we’re back, I survived my first day back alright.

So yeah. After a week of sitting on the beach sipping pina colodas, it’s back to reality. I’ve got lots to do this week. It’s alright, though. Irie – (that’s Jamaican for “everything’s alright”) 🙂


Mother, mother ocean,
I have heard you call.
Wanted to sail upon your waters
since I was three feet tall,
cause you’ve seen it all,
you’ve seen it all.

I’ve watched the men who rode you,
they’ve switched from sails to steam.
And in your belly you hold the treasures
few have ever seen.
Most of them were dreams,
most of them were dreams.

Well, yes I am a pirate,
a few hundred years too late.
The cannons don’t thunder,
there’s nothing to plunder.
I’m an under-40 victim of fate,
arriving too late,
arriving too late.

I’ve done a bit of smuggling,
well I’ve run my share of grass.
I’ve made enough money to buy Miami
but I pissed it away so fast.
It’s never meant to last,
it’s never meant to last.

Well, I have been drunk now for over two weeks.
I’ve passed out and I’ve rallied and I sprung a few leaks.
But, I’ve gotta stop wishin’
I’ve gotta go fishin’
Down to rock bottom again.
With just a few friends,
just a few friends.
Just a few friends.
Just a few friends.


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