Posted by: yogavet | March 2, 2005

aaaah, sleep

done, done, done with neuro. Well, at least for this quarter. What a freakin’ nightmare of a class. I got 7 hours of sleep, combined, for sunday and monday nights. ugh. But it’s over, and think I did alright. Neither the written or the practical were as evil as I imagined they could be. Plenty there I didn’t know, or wasn’t sure of – but still not as bad as I imagined going in.

I have to post this, because it made my night yesterday when I was studying endless amounts of slides of brains with undescipherable pink dots… Sheila wrote it (although in my delirium of no sleep I thought maybe it was real… but hey, I chalk it up to it just being really well written…)

Budlight Great American Heroes:

We salute you, Mr. Last Minute Crammer-inner of Knowledge!
Sure, you had two months to learn the material, but you were busy.
There were reruns of Will & Grace to be watched and my friend, the internet is not going to surf itself.
Mr. Last Minute Crammer-inner of Knowlegde!
You could go over and over the material and get a good night’s rest before the exam, but where is the challenge in that?
It takes a true soldier to run 20 minutes late to the exam, having looked over the material only once, some things not at all, with only a 2 hour cat nap under your belt.
So let’s raise an ice cold Budlight to you, Mr. Last Minute Crammer-inner of Knowledge!
Because hey, maybe you’ll get an A on the next one.

😀 😀

Thanks again to Sheila for her brillance.

So, now I’ve got to study for ICVM. ONE MORE EXAM AND THEN JAMAICA! Yes! So, in line with my pattern of severe procrastination, have I touched ANY of the 23 lectures that will be on the exam on thursday? Hell no. And what did I do today after my exam was over? I slept for 5 hours. 🙂 And what have I done since I woke up? I ate dinner, watched TV, and read Yoga Journal online. And subscribed. 🙂 Aaaaand now it’s bedtime! Oh well. Before I sleep I am going to at least organize my notes and maybe start a lecture. I usually enjoy studying for ICVM, because at least it’s applicable, mostly. (ICVM stands for Introduction to Clinical Veterinary Medicine) Soo, yes. Here’s to a productive tomorrow! (That WILL include a yoga class, dammit!)


Telling the truth, I’ve said it before –
Tomorrow I start in a new direction.
One last time these words from me,
I’m never saying them again.
And I shut the light,
and listen as the watch unwinds.


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