Posted by: yogavet | February 21, 2005

been a while…

So it’s been forever since I’ve updated, but now I’m in the midst of exams, so here I go procrastinating (of course…)

Let’s see… the past month or so has been good. I’ve been doing lots of yoga, and actually getting out in Philly and hanging out with friends, as compared to last semester, where I holed myself in my apartment and studied 24/7. I’m happier this semester, but we’ll see how my grades hold up. :-p I guess I’ve just decided that grades aren’t worth my sanity.

Felix is doing well. The lump on his tongue was nothing (well, not “nothing” – it was a focal epithelial hyperplasia, but essentially, that translates to… nothing.) And his endotracheal wash confirmed bacteria in his lungs, which fortunately is sensitive to amoxi, so he’s on that twice a day. He’s almost done with that, which is great because he’s getting reeeeaally sneaky about escaping as soon as he hears that bottle open :-p He’s good about being pilled, as long as I can get my hands on him…. it’s getting him before he figures out what’s going on, that’s the trick. 🙂 But I think he’s feeling better, I haven’t noticed as many asthma attacks (but I’ve been gone more, so it’s hard to tell). So that seems to be working out.

So… exams. We had our last anatomy written exam this morning, and with the exception of some very strangely worded questions, it went okay. Tomorrow is the last anatomy practical, and will cover the dog skull and spinal column, horse heart, dog head, horse head, goat head, fish and chicken. Whew. I dunno. I certainly could be better prepared, but I guess that’s how I feel going into every exam, so what can you do? There’s so much to know, it’s practically impossible to sit back at the end of it all and say, yep – I know all this stuff. ::shrug:: But after tomorrow, anatomy will be over for good. Which is very very strange. We spend so much time in that lab, it will be bizarre not to go there any more. No more chalk talks… I think I might actually miss Room A. 🙂

Alright, I really need to get back to studying. Just thought I’d take a break and update this sucker. Exams continue for the next two weeks, so you can be sure of more procrastination-updates. 🙂 And then… JAMAICA! oooooh, it’s gonna be so nice…. 😀 😀 😀

“Well, yes I am a pirate, a few hundred years too late.
The cannons don’t thunder, there’s nothing to plunder.
I’m an under-40 victim of fate, arriving too late.”


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