Posted by: yogavet | January 26, 2005


Whew. What a day.

So, Felix went in for his appointment today at the hospital. I’d never had an experience there with a pet, and I was really impressed – everyone was really helpful and tried their best to make things go smoothly. So that respect was really positive. And the bloodwork came back good, with the exception of one test that I had thought would be negative, no question, but it was probably good to check – and that was FIV. So it turns out he’s FIV positive, which was quite a shock. For those non-vet/non-cat people out there, FIV is “feline immunodeficiency virus” and it’s pretty similar to HIV in people. It’s cat-specific – meaning you can’t get HIV from your cat. But it may (and probably will, should he live long enough) lead to AIDS. So far he’s asymptomatic, which means he’s not having any problems because of the virus – but on the other hand, this asthma (which he’s had for 9 years, or longer) and this growth on the tongue might be related to it. Soooo…. now we have lots of things to think about. Like, all of his grumping with Skippy – he likes to discipline Skippy by biting him on the back of the neck. And while FIV isn’t super transmittable to other cats, bite wounds are a pretty good way to do it. But so far I don’t think either of them have drawn blood. But who knows? And who’s to say that a miniscule scratch of the teeth wouldn’t do it? So that’s an extra worry, more time spent separating cats. Next step is to test Skippy – if he’s positive, whether he gave it to Felix or Felix gave it to him, then we’re done worrying, and we can deal with the consequences. Which, probably, for Skippy, wouldn’t manifest for a while. But if they do… and Felix gave it to him… I’d feel pretty bad. Not that there was much I could have done. ::sigh:: Sorry for my ramblings, probably not many people care about this. But if you do, and you’re actually looking for info on FIV, please don’t take these ramblings as clinical advice. There’s a really good website on Veterinary Partner that’s geared toward owners that explains more, in case you need it. Alright, off my vet-student soap-box.

So it’s back in for Felix tomorrow, this time he’ll be knocked out for the biopsy of the thing on his tongue and an endo-tracheal wash, which will help test for things we can do to treat his asthma. After that he might be done for a while… hopefully, since dragging him into the hospital could get old.

So after that day of class and running up to the hospital to check on Felix and talk with his excellent doctor and the fourth year student on rotation with him, I came home, made pad tai (which turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself) and went to yoga. I was kind of dragging my heels about going, but I’m glad that Laura went and unwittingly forced me (its so much harder to be lazy when you live with someone who’s not). It was a great class, and I was able to let go of a lot of the stress of the day (which was considerable). So I feel a lot better now.

Alright, gonna go make some tea and head to bed. And snuggle with my awesome kitty 🙂


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