Posted by: yogavet | January 24, 2005


So I guess it gets cold in Philadelphia after all?! Yikes. Snow, snow, and more snow. And it’s not melting, and it’s certainly not plowed off the roads. I got my car out this morning okay, and got to school with only a minimum amount of slipping, considering the conditions, but when I came home there was nowhere to park… so I got my car stuck several times in a snowbank, broke my windshield de-icer trying to “shovel” show from under my tires… but I got it parked, and I hope it stays there okay till morning without getting hit. ::sigh:: I do love snow, but just not in a city that can’t freakin’ handle it. And especially not with my car in said city.

We had 6 hours of lecture today, which did not thrill me. I think I just hit the wall after a while, I just can’t focus after more than a few hours. I should probably work on that, or its gonna be a long next two years. I did manage to tear myself away from classes long enough to make an appointment for Felix at the hospital… he’s got a bump/growth on his tongue, and I’m worried about it, so he’s going in to get it checked out. They fit me in really quick, which was great. So wednesday he’s going in to get some bloodwork, a consultation with the dental team that would biopsy/remove the lump, if need be, and he’s also getting his asthma checked out… since that’s been an ongoing problem that I’d really like to get worked up, and since he’ll already be there in the hospital, I’m just gonna try to get everything I can done in one fell swoop. I’m gonna see if I can get them to do a dentistry while he’s out for the biopsy… here’s hoping.

I’m seriously running out of food in the apartment… tonight I had a veggie burger that I found in the freezer… it was the last one of a pack that I bought the first week of school, totally freezer burnt and stuck to the wall. But it cooked up okay :-p And mac and cheese, which I spiced up with chili powder, garlic powder, and red pepper until it was something I actually wanted to eat. :-p I think tomorrow after ICVM (I have surgery rounds, which I hope will be as exciting as it sounds…) I should have time to finally hit up the grocery store. I could have gone tonight, but after working for 10 minutes shimmying my car into a snowbank, there was no freakin’ way I was moving. I just hope I can get OUT in the morning.

I don’t think I’m gonna make it to yoga until wednesday, which makes me sad. This weekend would have been perfect, if it wasn’t for the storm. Ah well.

That’s all for now, I think I’ll sign off with some Guster 🙂

Woke up today, to everything grey.
And all that I saw just kept going on and on.
Sweep all the pieces under the bed.
Close all the curtains, cover my head.
And what you wish for won’t come true.
You aren’t surprised, love, are you?

If this serenade is not what you want,
It’s just how it is, it keeps going on and on.
Come out, come out wherever you are.
Would you do it all over, right from the start?
And what you wish for won’t come true,
You aren’t surprised love, are you?
So what you wish for won’t come true,
You aren’t surprised love, are you?

Once had this dream
Crashed down in Oz.
Not black and white,
But where the colors are.
I never dreamed that I would let it go.

And I will get what I deserve.
Keep all the secrets under the bed.
Open the curtains, forget what I said.
And what you wish for could come true.
You aren’t surprised, love, are you?
So what you wish for could come true.
You act surprised, love, are you?


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