Posted by: yogavet | January 23, 2005

hurray for New England and Snow!

snow, snow, everywhere…

This weekend was definitely plenty relaxing. I didn’t pick up a (school) book until 9pm tonight, while watching the Pats game (wooohooo Pats!). But I think I’m okay with that.

Friday was good – I went to a great yoga class where I got into two poses I’ve never done on my own (“wheel” and “peacock” – at least, I think it’s called peacock… I can’t even describe it, though. wheel is a backbend). I really love yoga – I love what it does for both my body and my spirit. That sounds crunchy, or whatever, but it’s true. 🙂

Friday night I went to go see “In Good Company” with some of my chicas. It was really good. Topher Grace is a hottie, that definitely helps. But it was really cute, I really liked it.

Saturday I tried to go to the OB lab out at New Bolton… but it was cancelled due to the impending snowstorm. Unfortunately, Amanda and I drove out there before we knew of this… they decided to email everyone at 8am to tell us that it was cancelled. But… we had to be there at 9, and it takes an hour, and we left a bit early to make sure we got there on time. Somehow, though, we were the only ones to not get the message. Ah well. We had a fun little trip out there, and got to see some cute goats. And it’s a good thing they did cancell it, since by the time we got back at 10:15 it was already starting to snow – the roads were covered by the time I parked back at my place.

So I spent the rest of Saturday napping and reading Eye of the World. It was a nice relaxing day 🙂 Today I was a bit more productive – I did laundry and moved all my clothes into my new dresser (which I found in our basement – score! – and cleaned up earlier in the day… our basement is a treasure trove of old shit that tenants have left behind, it’s great), I shovelled out my car (which was a task and a half… everything was covered in about a foot or more of snow, and there’s no place to put it, so every shovelful had to be carefully piled against either our house or this tree that I decided would get buried), and cleaned up my room, a bit. And of course, read Eye of the World (I’m slightly addicted). I made a shopping list to go to the supermarket (I haven’t been in two weeks) but after shovelling out my car, and watching everyone skidding out trying to get up the tiiiiiny hill that we live on, I decided that I could do without groceries for another few days. It’s not worth crashing my car.

Tomorrow is a looong day of lectures, followed by a biostats team meeting (booo biostats) and client visitation (hospital job that pays us to take clients to thier hospitalized pets for visiting hours – cute, huh?). Then back here to study, maybe….

Alright, that is all. Time for sleep. Here’s hoping I can get my car out tomorrow morning. If not, I may be forced to not go to school tomorrow. *tear.


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