Posted by: yogavet | January 13, 2005

firsts and lasts

So, back at school, haven’t done ANYTHING in the way of work… and why start now? Here’s a fun little quiz for all you kiddies at home. :-p Stolen from Crissy, the wonder-fysoper.



First best friend: Sarah K (unless you count my little friends when I was a toddler, but I don’t remember their names)

First car: ’94 silver Jetta with serious electrical problems… poor baby, I miss that car.

First real kiss: 17th birthday… I was a late bloomer

First self purchased album: Meatloaf, Bat Out of Hell – I think.

First funeral: I think probably my great grandfather (Big John’s dad)

First pets: Duke, a hound/husky mix :-p Best. Dog. Ever.

First piercing/tattoo: my ears/ no tatoos

First credit card: Capital One, when I was 16

First true love: right around that 17th birthday…

First enemy: hmm. I think I got in a huge fight with Nikki P. in like third grade, that might count

First big trip: England/France, summer of 2000 with chamber choir… ::sigh::

First music you remember hearing in your house: Wilson Philips :-p


Last cigarette: never!

Last car ride: from school, about 2 hours ago

Last kiss: haha, new years. With a gay boy (go me!)

Last good cry: right after I got home for thanksgiving and realized I came all the way home through 7 hours of parking lot traffic, and didn’t hand in the wildlife worksheet that was due.

Last library book checked out: probably something from BU… but I really don’t know

Last movie seen: Little Black Book (really cute)

Last beverage drank: green tea

Last food consumed: Tofutti ice cream bar (wow, I sound like some sort of health nut…)

Last crush: not a real good crush since graduation from college (that’d be last May)… I don’t have time for them now…

Last phone call: my mom, earlier tonight

Last cd played: Recovering the Satellites, Counting Crows

Last item bought: pretzels from a vending machine on break from class today

Last annoyance: waiting in a huge line for free indian food tonight to learn that we’d come too late and probably wouldn’t be served.

Last disappointment: lack of said free indian food

Last time wanting to die: that’s a bit harsh, huh? I don’t often want to do that.

Last time scolded: haha, my roomates dog let me have it the other day for accidently stepping on her foot

Last shirt worn: I’m wearing a pink three quarter length shirt currently … is that the “last” one?

[Nice question to end that on… last shirt worn… how boring is that?]


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