Posted by: yogavet | December 20, 2004

home and done!

Aaaah! It feels so nice to be DONE with my first semester of vet school! And to have a full two weeks to do NOTHING but sit on my butt and relax. So amazing. I’d forgotten what it felt like to not have anything to do for a whole day. Kinda crazy.

Driving home was kind of hellish, since I was considerably sleep deprived and driving pretty late into the night. But my cat was kind enough to piss ALL over himself (poor guy) and keep me pretty alert by stinking to high heaven. My sister said that if it had been her, he would have ended up in the trunk… hmm. But since I am not my sister, he ended up on my lap. Clothes are washable, you can take a shower. But I wasn’t gonna let my cat ride for 2 hours in a cold wet urine soaked cat carrier if I could help it (and I prefer to get my clothes stinky than my car… which is a lot less washable)

Anyway, we got home okay, and I slept almost all day saturday, and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Alison later. So good! I really really liked it, in fact I watched it TWICE again last night… one time through the regular movie, and one time with the director and writer talking you through it. There’s just so much THERE, and some of the stuff they did I didn’t even get until the third time through. Very very cool, I highly recommend it, especially to anyone who’s experienced a painful breakup. Kinda puts things in perspective.

So, yesterday (besides watching ESotSM twice over) we had biscuits ‘n gravy with the crew in the AM (which was amazing – my job was to make the biscuits, as usual, and I got help again from Angelina, the spitfire 3 year old… hehe) and later I went to Uconn with Tay and Danielle to pick up movie’s at Tay’s place that she’d forgotten. And I managed to almost break my ankle on her steps… there’s a gap between the steps and their trailer (haha, yes, trailer) – and I stuck my foot in the gap, and took a dive, and it was kinda funny… you know when you fall and you’re not hurt, but you can’t get off the ground ’cause you’re laughing to hard? hehe, yeah. I seem to do that a lot.

And last night my neighborhood did the luminaries all along the roads, and it was really pretty even though it was raining… And the rain turned to snow and now it’s beautiful outside. But I guess the roads are pretty bad, because it rained first, and it’s not melting, since it’s like 4 degrees F out there. So I might not be able to go to Maggie’s party tonight in Hartford, which makes me sad. We shall see, though.

So, that’s about it. There might not be much to report over break, since I intend to be perfectly BORING for two weeks (not that I’m super exciting at other times, but, you know…) but I may write just to give myself something to do. 🙂

Merry Christmas, happy break, and all that jazz (I’m gonna rouge my knees, and roll my stockings down…)


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