Posted by: yogavet | December 14, 2004

anatomy, check!

So the fun anatomy exams are over! hehe. Now comes fun histology…

I am wholly unmotivated to even attempt to study for histology. But the exams coming up are worth (together) 50% of my grade, so I really do need to study. There’s just so much to know, and I’m very ready for a break.

But all I have to do is get through these last two exams, and then I have two glorious weeks off. That’s a cheering thought.

I did get some christmas shopping done today after my exam 🙂 I got three whole people done! The only frustrating part was that I bought pretty wrapping paper, without looking at the pricetag… and it was $6… ouch. But okay, it’s really pretty, it’s almost worth it. And then, I got home to wrap presents, and I opened my pretty wrapping paper, and – oh. There’s only two sheets here, and it’s enough to wrap like 4 small gifts. Score. I spent 6 bucks on practically nothing! Aaah. It’s pretty, but it’s not THAT pretty.

My cat has been sleeping in my roomate’s bed. I don’t know how that makes me feel…

I’m hungry again… I ate lunch at 2. I don’t know what it is about having big strings of exams, I must just be at this really constant level of stress. I don’t *feel* stressed out, but I don’t sleep well, and I lose weight even though I feel like I’m eating crap all the time. It’s very strange.

Alright. Time to really try and study histo. Blah. Must resolve myself to NOT nap.


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